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Original matted and framed artwork is available for public display.   


Works of art can be leased, and some are available for purchase.  Individual lease terms can be matched to the timing of your office space lease.

Each piece is matted and framed in a regal blue-black wood frame measuring  31.5" x 21.5" (80 cm x 55 cm)  with protective glass, weighing 14 pounds (6.4 kg).   Artwork is size-appropriate for public spaces such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, business waiting rooms, medical offices, and coffee shops.  Artwork can also be used for staging real estate or adding a personal touch to your condominium or apartment.

To book a show, choose one of the preselected shows below, or go to Pinterest and choose any number of works from the complete archives.  Next,  Contact me to confirm availability of selections for your desired dates.  I can arrange a private screening if you wish. 

I require up to four weeks for show preparation, but can often have shows available faster than that.   I am happy to help hang the works.

Suggested shows are demonstrated below.  See Pinterest for all available options.    If you want help choosing, email me.  We can schedule a phone interview that will help me choose appropriate works for you.

Chris Kuntz

Seattle, Washingtion

Last updated August 10, 2019



Show 1:  Beauty 


Nudes drawn from live models. 


Lianne1 small.jpg

Show 2:  Nature

Shadow is form.



Show 3: Primitive

Images from the inside. 


mask 6 small.jpg
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