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Alice photo mockups
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Montage for waiting room


Standing images above:  Aspect ratio for all images is identical at 1.45.

The central picture is 1.3x the size of the side pictures in both dimensions.

Left            6.75 x 9.75 inches

Middle       10 x 14.5

Right          6.75 x 9.75

These numbers don't have to be exact, but should be close.  Final can be created with cropping physical images and I can do this.


Important that Alice body on outside images is same size to balance the montage

Mockup below shows about how the photos will present within the frame



Aspect Ratios for the nudes:

Bookends- 1.33

Central pic- 1.37

In the horizontal dimension, the central picture is 1.25x larger than the bookends

Final sizes:

Left.          4 x 5.3

Middle.     5 x 7

Right.       4 x 5.3

 I also like black and white, Alice what do you think you make final decision color or black and white.  In these edits (which are mine) I still feel there is a tiny size discrepancy between the figures in bookends.  the left one is larger than the right.  I think small size discrepencies are noticeable.  

My crops above are still a little rough.  My central picture appears to me to be cropped a little off center to the left. the center line of the photo should  be the center of balance of the figure.  This is also the center line of the entire montage.



12" x 20" frame.  

Print sizes:

Bookends: 4 x 5.5

Center   5 x 7

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